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A Prayer of Jesus
I thank thee, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, that thou hast hidden these things from the wise and understanding and revealed them to babes; yea, Father, for such was thy gracious will.

Sons of Men and Sons of God:

In Regards to the Forgiveness of Sin

What is the difference between sons of men and sons of God?

What does the Word have to say on how these two distinct categories of sons might be different?  The differences are surely numerous with salvation being an important one (those papers can be found here). We also present yet another distinction between these two sons, a distinction that applies to the forgiveness of sin.

What grants forgiveness of sin?

I recently made a contradictory statement to a correspondent regarding loving God/neighbor/hating life in this world & having mercy on another in regards to forgiveness of sins.

I had stated that loving God/neighbor/hatred of life in this world was synonymous with mercy in regards to what grants forgiveness of sins.  The correspondent pointed out that they are not synonymous.

This person was indeed correct in regards to the sons of men.  It seems that one can forgive and have mercy on another without hating life in this world.  This is the servant category that our Lord speaks of, those of ancient and modern who have not been exposed to the Word.

It is the sons of God, those begotten from above by hearing and obeying the Word, and therefore adhering to the Great Principle, who are able to forgive and give mercy as a child of the Father.

My contradictory statement was only contradictory in the sense that I did not specify which category I was referring to.  I was responding in terms of forgiveness of sins towards a child of the Father, not a servant who has not heard the Word. 

In terms of forgiveness of sins towards sons of men, the correspondent was correct in saying one can forgive and offer mercy without it being directly due to the Great Principle/hatred of life in this world.

For the sons of men who have the opportunity to be servants of the Father (those who know of God, but not the Truth/Jesus’ Words), Jesus is clear that one need only to repent, and forgive/show mercy to others:

Luke 24:
[47] and [that] repentance for forgiveness of sins be preached upon his name to all the nations—beginning from Jerusalem.

Luke 6:
[36] Be becoming merciful, just as your father is merciful.
[37] And be not judging, and you will not be judged. And be not condemning, and you will not be condemned. Be releasing, and you will be released.  

Matthew 6:
[14] For if you allow men their shortcomings, your heavenly father will also allow you [yours].
[15] And if you do not allow men [theirs], neither will your father allow [you] your shortcomings.

For the sons of men and servants of the Father, mercy and repentance must be adhered to for the forgiveness of sins.

However, for sons of the Father, the Great Principle is and must be synonymous (loving the Father/hatred of life in this world) with the Mercy Principle in regards to forgiveness of sin.

For the sons of God who have heard and abide in the Truth of Jesus’ Words (and therefore have been begotten from above), the forgiveness of sin is understood in their commitment to the Great Principle, that is, of hating life in this world and desiring to go home to the Father.  They understand that all sin is derived from the love of life in this world and therefore are able to be free from sin by hating life in this world.  A son/daughter of the Father understands the root of sin, desires only to be with the Father, and therefore is able to openly repent of their love of life in this world by hating their lives in this world, thus they are able to freely forgive, show mercy, and not judge others. 

A person who is not committed to the Great Principle and does not know Jesus or not known by him does not have the assured hope that we do other wise, and may have a hard time forgiving some things that a child of God can easily and freely forgive because they do not love their lives in this world.

Yes, there is a difference between sons of men and sons of God in regards to forgiveness of sin!

Can you find other ways in which the sons of men differ from the sons of God?  We invite you to search his Words for the Truth!

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