A Prayer
of Jesus

I thank thee, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, that thou hast hidden these things from the wise
and understanding and revealed them to babes; yea, Father, for such was thy gracious will

The Kingdom of God Has Come

By Keith Winterowd

These things I have spoken to you, that in me you might have
peace. In the world you shall have tribulation: but be of good
cheer; I have overcome the world. Jesus said to students John 16:33

                                          Kingdom News  

The kingdom has come and God's will is being done on earth as it is in
heaven.  The kingdom came when Jesus his Son, drank the bitter wine
(vinegar) just before he died at the Calvary tree about 2027+/- 6 years ago.

God is still birthing and raising his children and kingdom heirs on earth
through the sayings he sent through his, Son Jesus.  Jesus came to
earth to do God's will and to give the Father's messages to those who
would get a vision of Jesus sayings and believe and follow him only.
He was the only person to do God's will up to that point.  His students
are the people who are doing his will currently.  He told his disciples,
toward the end of his stay on earth that he would not drink of the
product of the vine until the kingdom came.  The kingdom came
at the exact moment that Jesus drank the vinegar, a product of the
vine which was given to him by the attending guard at the cross.

Jesus died immediately after drinking the bitter wine.  He gave up his
life to God, heralding the coming of God's kingdom to earth at that
very instant.  This was the concern of the prayer that Jesus taught his
disciples to pray.

The kingdom came not so much to be noticed by the citizens of the
world or his disciples.  The main interest of the people was the death
of Jesus who hated his life in his time on earth and traded it for the
love he had for living in eternal life with the Father in his glory.

Jesus sayings disturbed most everyone one that heard him speak.

He was victorious in taking ownership and power from Satan as he
invaded the strong man's house and took away the fear of lost ones
in his kingdom as the ransom from Satan.  By removing the power of
fear of losing earth life through dying, the Devil's kingdom crumbled
and Jesus assumed all of Satan's power at that moment.  Satan was
left with only the power of ignorance and darkness.

Satan was defeated because Jesus died fearlessly and without regard
<><><>for his life in time.  He removed the power of the fear of death that Satan holds over people.  This happened by means of the fearless death that Jesus went through because of his intense love for the Father. Jesus encourages us to follow him because of our love for the Father.

Jesus wants us to do the same as him in all our ways home as we
follow him to the Father.  He went ahead of us to show us the way.  He
went ahead of us, not instead of us.  Jesus wants us to carry our own
cross daily the same way he did.  The ugly cross of living a despicable
life on earth by living it fearlessly as a student of Jesus through loving
the Father totally and our neighbor as ourselves.

He was resurrected from his stay in death that lasted three nights and
three days in the boulder sealed tomb in the earth.  God our Father
raised Jesus from death and he and was given all power in heaven
and on earth.
Jesus spent the next forty days after the resurrection, eating and
drinking in the kingdom with his disciples.  He discussed the kingdom
of heaven as it is on earth and heaven with his followers.  He opened
their understanding of the scriptures.  Jesus had an estimated one
hundred twenty followers at that time.  Jesus ascended to the right hand of power with the Father in heaven forty days after the resurrection.

Jesus told us to carry this good news of the kingdom of God to the
inhabited world.  Jesus gives us his invitation to follow him, his
commands and his way to the Father in Glory.  He wants us to give
up our life in time (temporal life) and any glory on earth out of love for
the Father our God because we love him totally.  The Father's will for
us is to come home and live with him in his everlasting glory. We will
go to him when he calls and not before then.

Satan no longer need hold people in his grasp except as they will to
do with their love for life in time on earth.  This is the process that
holds people in Satan's clutches.  Remember that Jesus took all
power from Satan.  He no longer has power except for that which
people willingly give him through the darkness of ignorance.

You see, we are brain washed by everything around us to believe that
the love of our life on earth is our highest moral obligation.  It just so
happens, that very belief is our only sin.  Satan calls that belief  'the
kingdoms of this earth and all their glories.'  He offered all of that to
Jesus.  Jesus ransomed us from that state of affairs by showing us
the way out of that system.  Loving the Father totally and hating our
earth life is our way out.  We surrender all of our old ideas and old
ways to the Father for everlasting life with him in his glorious home
in the heavenlies.  

He is our shepherd that gave up his earth life for us to show us the way
home.  We are lost without following Jesus only.  We are his sheep, he
is our shepherd. He was not a sacrificial animal.  A shepherd is not a
lamb.  God said: I want mercy, and not sacrifice.  To some prominent
churchmen, Jesus said: Go find out what that means.  Ho.6:6, Mt.12:7

                                         God's Witness

            APPROVED; LISTEN TO HIM " God said in Mt.17:5

Jesus wants us to hear him, get a vision of him and follow him home
to the Father just as he did.  He will call us when he is ready.

Let's Listen To Him


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