A Prayer
of Jesus
I thank thee, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, that thou hast hidden these things from the wise
and understanding and revealed them to babes; yea, Father, for such was thy gracious will

A Love Trap

BY Keith Winterowd

*The Catch 22 of Love on Earth
The Catch 22 of Love in the Kingdom of God
Do not let love stumble you. Self love and God love are not the same
at all. Ask Peter, it tripped him up. Most earth centered love is self
centered and self seeking. Jesus defined love in his commands.

All the fear of mankind has been bound up in the cross Jesus carried.
The cross of life hatred. We can not get into to see the Father without
being life haters, as Jesus was.

Satan, the king of fear and his minions, were expelling themselves
because of him and did not realize that Jesus' death was expelling
fear and not life. Jesus was simply hating his life all the way through
and surrendering to death fearlessly thus giving up his life out of
hatred of it and surrendering all of himself out of total love to the
Father. Who also is his God.

Jesus gave a hint as to the blue print in the illustration of the invasion
of the strong man's house. This was to be victory for the kingdom of
God. Jesus thus became the thief stealing away the people bound up
as prisoners of the darkness and ignorance out fear of the loss of
their beloved earth lives. They had a veil of love of their life on earth
as a moral imperative and considered that as the best within them-
selves. Notice the words of Jesus about that in Mt.12:26

Darkness and ignorance is an addiction to listening to other voices
than Jesus. Jesus came with the messages from the Father to have
the veils removed only through hating their life here on earth and the
concomitant loving God there in his Glory.

They are thus citizens of fear through love of their life on earth. That
love is our sin. Satan relies on that sin to keep him in power. He has
only the power of darkness and ignorance now. That is all he rules
over in us. The darkness is ignoring the words of Jesus. Jesus
brought the light. The hatred of life is the light. Life everlasting is loving our fellowman as self and love for our Father totally in his glory at Resurrection Day.

Jesus took that power away by doing just the opposite of the earthly
law of love. He now reigns with all power in heaven and on earth.  That
power was earned by him and given to him for what he did by the
Creator. No one had ever done the will of God until then. We now
know the Way.

The kingdom of God came when Jesus drank the bitter wine on the
cross and died. The kingdom now is being experienced by those
students of Jesus that are obeying his words only.

The kingdom of fear which is called 'the kingdoms of the earth and
its glory' was first offered to Jesus by the Devil. He rejected that offer
while he was in the wilderness of survival. That was a far country for
Jesus. He wanted no part of it.

Later, on the torture tree of Calvary, Satan and all of his henchmen
thought they were punishing Jesus. They thought he would yield to
their requests to impress people by coming down off of the crooked
torture stake and run for king of earth. They imagined fear would over-
take Jesus. Their fantasy was that because Jesus preached love of
God and service to neighbor that he was addicted to life on earth and
the love of it. They were being defeated by casting themselves out
of power because Jesus does not fight anything, he wins by
surrendering all through hatred of his earth life out love for the Father
and his kingdom of heaven. The fear of death was defeated by Jesus.

Thus, Jesus became the very first son of mankind to do the will of
the Father in heaven and on earth and became the firstborn from the
dead. He showed us the way. John the Baptist went ahead of Jesus
to declare the way was coming. Jesus went ahead of us to declare
to us that the way is here, follow me now. He is both Son of man
and Son of God.

The children listening to Jesus' sayings are being nourished by the
words from God for a harvest and an inheritance as children of God.
We will receive that award at home in heavenly life, if we do what
Jesus did.

Jesus said: He that loves his life shall lose it; and he that hates
his life in this world shall keep it for everlasting life. Jin. 12:25

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