A Prayer of Jesus
I thank thee, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, that thou hast hidden these things from the wise and understanding and revealed them to babes; yea, Father, for such was thy gracious will


What are some good ways to introduce your children to the teachings of Jesus and the Father?  Most of the Sunday School teachings do not emphasize the teachings of Jesus to young children. Any assistance would be of great value. 


The question is unusual and I have not considered it for a long, long time.  Jesus did not teach directly to young children, and he did not tell others how to do it.  Some points come to mind:
1. Know that children are beloved of the Lord and the Father just as they are and need have no fear of Him.

2. Point them to the character of the Father -- his mercy, his patience, his love for us as taught in the Word of Jesus, and as demonstrated in the world by Jesus.  Example, the Beatitudes.

3. They are to imitate the Father in all these things, again as taught by the Word.

4. Major on the Parables of Jesus and make them come to life for them. 

5. Point to how the teaching of Paul contradicts that of Jesus, hopefully to forearm them against the churchmen.

6. Put before them the simple images of the Little Flock, the Good Shepherd and the strange shepherd; things like this they can understand.

7. In general, seek narrative presentations.  They will quickly become bored with the minutiae of theology.  Make everything personal and immediate, in terms they can understand.  Our faith is dynamic and powerful; it is better not to teach them than to give them the impression that it is boring and unrelated to their lives.

8. Narrate the OT images that point to Jesus, as testimony concerning him.
Hopefully, they will understand their freedom to choose their own way in life, and their responsibility before the Father for making the right choice.  Here, the Parable of the Prodigal Son comes to mind.  But we need to keep in mind that there is nothing we can do that will guarantee their salvation, since in the end it all depends on them.  We can easily see, in our Lord's approach to various individuals, that some are candidates for his salvation and some are not; he did not belabor  the fact, but simply accepted it.  Some will, by the choices they make, be either of the Truth, or not of the Truth, and we do not determine that for anyone else, not even our children.  In the end it is as Jesus stated to Pilate:
John 18
7 Pilate therefore said to him: So are you a king? Jesus answered: You say that I am king. I am born for this and am come into the world for this, in order that I witness to the truth. All those being from the truth hear my voice.
That last sentence is a simple statement of fact, and nothing can or will change it. 

The best teaching and the most lasting is and will by the example you present to them.

As I look over what I have written, it seems elementary and probably nothing is new to you.  Perhaps, at best, it can be a confirmation of your best understanding and intentions.

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